A Guide in Choosing the Best Pergola for Your Backyard

A pergola is one of the most popular outdoor features among homeowners. It’s stylish and adds visual appeal to your yard. homeowners use their pergolas for entertaining guests or a relaxing area near the pool. No matter where you will use your pergola, you need to choose the best pergola that will complement your outdoor space.

However, choosing a pergola is not that easy. You need to consider certain factors and we will discuss each one in this article. Without further ado, here is an ultimate guide in choosing a pergola:

Determine Your Purpose

The first thing to consider when choosing a pergola is how you will use it. Most homeowners want an additional entertainment space and where they can relax every morning. Others want to add a pergola in their garden to increase aesthetic and visual appeal. While some are thinking of creating an outdoor kitchen for outdoor dining.

Determining your purpose will help narrow down your choices. For instance, if you’re thinking of adding a pergola for entertainment purposes, you might need to consider a large one to accommodate guests.

Choose a Style that Suits You

Believe it or not, the current style in your existing yard will tell you your style preferences. In short, when choosing a design or style, it all comes down to personal preference. Do you prefer modern, country styling, or rustic? Do you have a patio or walkway?

If you prefer a modern and sophisticated look, check out traditional pergolas. There are so many styles to choose from, just make sure that your chosen design will match the design of your yard and your personality.

Select Materials and Colours

Pergolas are available in a wide range of wood and vinyl styles. Both are excellent materials and offer lifelong benefits. If you prefer a more traditional look, go for wood! Wood has a wide range of colours—from natural to darker and rich stains.

On the other hand, vinyl pergolas are almost maintenance-free and come in two shades—ivory and white. Vinyl pergolas are easy to blend and match with your existing yard design.

Consider the Size

The size of your pergola will depend on the size of your outdoor space and other outdoor structures and features. Each outdoor structure should be similar in scale to make it look balanced and cohesive.

How Much Shade Do You Need

Most pergolas are open-style tops and offer an adequate amount of shade. The amount of shade that your pergola will provide depends on the spacing of the purlins and crossbars.


It’s important to choose a pergola that suits your style preference. The factors that you should consider will narrow down your choices in terms of design and size. It’s also best to explore the materials available, colours, and other features that will affect your decision in choosing a pergola.

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