Ways to Maintain Your Patio for Longer Use

Patios are a versatile structure to have for your outdoors. With a range of styles and options to choose from, patios can provide different benefits for you. While this extension of your property can make for a durable and stylish structure to have, a patio needs maintenance like any other. Depending on how you had it styled, there are different ways that you can have your patio maintained. If the labour seems a bit much for you, you also have the option of choosing a professional service team to assist you.

5 Maintenance Points to Remember

While the overall material of a patio can be durable against different elements, the best way to have it last as long as possible is to ensure proper maintenance. Aside from general cleaning and checking of the structure, there are different methods that you will want to keep in mind for your patio such as the following:

Cover the Patio Furniture and Wash Fabrics

As an outdoor structure, the furniture added to the structure would inevitably face exposure to different elements like heat and rain. The best way to cover and maintain any furniture on your patio is to either using furniture covers when the patio space is not in use or having a roof that works well against different elements installed. If you by chance have any cushions or fabric seat covers with your furniture, maintaining these pieces can also help.

With patio cushions, you will want a maintenance routine that includes dusting, vacuuming, or even pressure-washing, depending on its surrounding. If it is on a covered or screened-in porch it may only require the occasional dusting, while open patio cushions may require more frequent vacuuming. If it is affected by things like pollen on spray from the pool, you will want to look into the amount of washing it may need.

As for fabrics, which include indoor/outdoor rugs, can be treated proactively with a weatherproofing spray to help resist stains and water absorption and also help to prevent sun fading on all materials.

Seal Wooden Furniture and Polish with Dry Rag

Out of the different materials to have, wood tends to need higher maintenance for longevity. If you want to have your wood longer, you will want to condition it. The recommended conditioning for your wood chairs and table is to apply teak oil or blends of natural oils at the start of the season which helps weatherproof natural wood finishes. Another option you have to further protect your furniture from sun exposure is to apply UV blocking sealants on top of conditioned furniture.

In the situation that these sealants do not work, re-sanding, re-staining, and then applying a coat of wax or sealant to revive, condition and protect the new finish is something to consider. Should you have any furniture made with wrought iron, it can end up damaged from water exposure. A good way to prevent this for both materials is to both dry and polish them with a clean dry rag.

Tighten Hardware on Furniture and Apply Weather-resistant Accessories

Aside from cleaning maintenance, you will want to check on the overall state of your furniture. It would be good to check all of the visible screws and bolts and tighten things down. This can not only prevent further damage but ensure that the furniture remains strong, secure and squared. Other than this, a good way to keep your patio furniture secure is to have it be made with weather-resistant materials. These materials include synthetic materials, like plastic, natural ones like wood, or durable ones like iron or steel.

Change Up Any Old Plastic and Metal Furniture

If you decide to go for metal or plastic furniture, there is a chance that it will end up faded or otherwise over time. To help with this, it is advised to refinish it. You can refinish a piece of plastic furniture by selecting a satin or glossy finish with a built-in primer. To refinish metal furniture, you might favour the look of a metallic finish.

Clean Up Other Features Like the Umbrella

If you by chance have other features like an umbrella, having them cleaned can help in providing extra visual appeal and convenience to your patio. Generally, it is good to use a bristle brush to loosen and remove dust that is gathered in the folds. If your umbrella has either stains or moulds, having a sponge, warm water, dish soap/regular soap, and bleach in hand can help.

If the different maintenance points seem like a bit of labour for you, you have the option to refer to a professional service team to help in checking your patio and covering all maintenance points that may have been missed.

How Bunbury Patios Can Help You

You may have the option to do maintenance work by yourself on your patio, whether it be cleaning or tightening loose furniture. If you want to cover anything you may have missed with your patio, you will want to choose a reliable professional service to help. One service that can help you with this is Bunbury Patios.

Bunbury Patios is one of the varieties of different services you can find in Bunbury and you can be assured that this professional team can provide quality help for your patio needs. If you are unsure of what other types of maintenance your patio may need, you will find that the professionals at Bunbury Patios can assist in making your patio last as long as it should while meeting your budget.


When you have a patio, you can be assured of a versatile and durable structure. However, if you want to have your patio last as long as possible, you will want to keep in mind the different ways to maintain it including covering the furniture and having any wooden features sealed for extra protection. Are you unsure whether what you are doing for your patio is enough? Then you will want to consider a service like Bunbury Patios to help cover whatever your patio may need.


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