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Do you need a pergola? This is something to consider what your outdoor space may need. A pergola can be both a functional and stylish structure to have depending on the style you would like to go for. With a variety of colors and designs to choose from, a pergola can make for a good investment depending on what type would work best for your outdoor space. If you are unsure whether a pergola is the right choice for you, there are different factors you can note on.

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Styles and Advantages of Pergolas

Generally, there are different types of pergolas that you can choose from including traditional, steel, and pitched. If you’re looking to focus more on the roof styles, there are a few styles to select from: 


This design has the rafters cut at angles and meet in the middle of the construction at a ridge which you can have to reflect the structure of your roof. Because of this design it provides some light and cool surroundings from the open ends allowing air flow. You can have it lined with lumber or other materials to emulate ceilings or have ornamental add-ons for more space. Another option you can have with garbled pergolas is to amend the end sorts to provide a hip and bay end to further customize its layout. 


Considered as one of the more versatile of pergola designs, a level pergola can have different styles applied to it. Generally, a level pergola roof is encouraged to have a 5-degree pitch at a minimum so water can remove itself from the very top of the construction. Otherwise, you can have it lined with a timber ceiling and feature inbuilt lighting and fans, or else they can have distinct degrees or pitches to apply your desired style. 


A dome pergola is one of the more modern designs that you can choose from. Because of its curved design, you’ll find a high airflow and cooler space for wherever it is placed. Whether it is attached or unattached to your home, a dome pergola can come in different styles. Depending on the style you would like to have it or have the pergola constructed with different materials. One example you could have for a dome pergola is polycarbonate roofing.

When it comes to the advantages of having a pergola, more than adding visual appeal to your outdoor space and increasing property value, it has its practical uses as well. Not only does it work well as protection against certain weather, it can add an extra space to enjoy in your outdoor area. What’s more, you’ll find that with the right professional service, pergola installation can be hassle free.

Why Have Bunbury Patios Install Your Pergolas

We at Bunbury Patios offer a range of options to choose from to accommodate your construction projects. From materials, styles, and even sizes, we aim to provide quality choices for your pergola or any other structure. More than this, you can be assured of reliable professionals for any consultation needs. If you wish to learn more on what services and customization options we have to offer, feel free to contact us.