How to Have a More Energy-Efficient Outdoor Space

Your outdoor space can be considered one of the broader spaces of your property with a variety of possible features. Unlike with the inside of your property, you may not think that your outdoors would not drain as much energy. However, if you really want to ensure no energy is wasted on your home, you will want to cover your bases with your outside space. There are a number of different features, including pool and/or garden light, that can affect your property’s energy output. To reduce any energy consumption with your outdoor space, there are a variety of tips that you can make use of.

Top 5 Tips for Outdoor Energy Saving

Depending on what features you have decided on for your outdoor space, there are different things you may want to look out for. Some of the top things that can help in conserving the overall energy outtake of your property include the following:

Finding Energy-efficient Lighting Options

One of the biggest energy consumers you can have on your property is the lighting. When it comes to your outdoor lighting, the two best options to go for are either LED or solar-powered bulbs. With the former, they are the more expensive choice. However, as garden lights, LED bulbs can be a good investment in the long run as they use 75 percent less energy and last longer than halogen bulbs.

As for the latter, they don’t cost anything to run, offsetting the cost of each bulb. The general downside with solar-powered bulbs is that they’re not as bright as traditional ones. With the right service/choice of store though, you can end up with bulbs with better solar storage capacity and power for adequate illumination.

Changing to Energy-efficient Pool Pumps

If you happen to have a pool on your property, you will find that pool pumps are one of the biggest energy spenders as well. In comparison to your washing machine, dryer and dishwasher combined, a pool pump delivers more electricity. Tofully lessen the energy consumption of this feature, you will want a pool pump that runs at more than one speed. By having this, you can run your pump slowly while filtering the pool to consume less energy or speed it up as necessary.

Use Timers

You may wonder how exactly having timers can help in conserving the energy but timers can help timing certain features. By hooking your sprinkler system to a timer, it lets you decide when you want to water your lawn and garden. Aside from this, timers are also suitable for use with holiday lighting and security lighting you use outside too.

Install an Insulated Patio Roofing

Are you considering a patio to help with the summer heat? Then you will want an insulated patio roof. By having this feature, you can be assured of extra shade from any weather condition and what’s more, you’re less likely to use fans when you’re outside, thus lowering your energy bills. Another option you can also go for to help in energy saving is by converting your deck to a workspace or any other functional space.

Clear Your AC

While you have the ability to save energy with your HVAC system with the thermostat, there is more that can be done in saving the energy consumed by your AC. Any debris, including tree branches, grocery store bags or even old leaves can change the way the system filters out air thus resulting in a rise in energy usage. By clearing out your AC system, which happens to be the larger unit that sits outside your home, it can reduce costs. A recommended amount of times to clear your AC unit would be at least once a month.

Why Bunbury Patios to Help

If you are looking to have the best options to help with the energy efficiency of your property outside of working things out yourself, it would be good to have a professional service team to assist. For a reliable group that can help provide for any outdoor space needs, you will want to consider Bunbury Patios. By choosing to have Bunbury Patios assist with determining the best ways to make your property energy efficient while meeting your budget.


Energy consumption can happen not only inside your property but in the outdoor space as well. Are you unsure on the best ways to have your property be energy efficient? Some options you can go for include replacing outdoor lights with either LED bulbs or solar- powered bulbs and clearing out your AC. To ensure that you make the most out of improving your outdoor space for energy saving, you will want to consider a professional service like Bunbury Patios to help go over the best methods for your outdoor space. With the right methods, you can save both energy and your budget.


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